Why Use a Professional for Epoxy Flooring?

Go with a pro if you want your dream garage to last!


First, the floor coatings used by a professional are so much more than garage floor paint and colored acrylic flakes that make up the epoxy paint kits. While DIY garage epoxy kits make the “after” pictures look beautiful, the product itself is actually far more inferior in strength to professional products. DIY kit materials are no more than fortified latex or enamel paints, and they lack durability and are inclined to chip and peel away. This will quickly leave you disappointed and frustrated.

When you hire a professional, you’’ll get true industrial-strength epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings. The materials we use on your garage floor are the same as those used in fire stations and trucking facilities. If it can hold up to those heavy trucks, it can certainly endure the wear-and-tear of your vehicles.

Prepping the Space

The lengths a professional will go to in prepping your concrete floors before applying any floor coating is something that you simply can’’t achieve with a DIY epoxy paint kit. We use diamond grinders to strip off the top layer of concrete – they can rip off any previously applied coatings or sealants. This is a critical step because it makes the concrete porous and adds a deep scratch pattern, ensuring the floor coating adheres to the concrete – and not simply laying over the top of it.

Scratch-Resistant Clear Coating

Perhaps the biggest difference between a professional garage floor coating and the DIY epoxy paint kits is in the clear sealant we apply after the epoxy has dried. This special urethane or polyaspartic coating provides tremendous protection against scratches, chips and stains. Gasoline, oil, road salt and anti-freeze won’t leave a mark. Simply mop it up.

If you want a coating that is durable, you won’t find it with a DIY epoxy paint kit. A professional garage floor coating has all three elements to be long lasting: superior product, properly surface preparation and a scratch-resistant clear coating. It is going to last.  Concrete Resurfacing Solutions specializes in epoxy garage and basement flooring giving you high quality beautiful epoxy floors.

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