Host a Fourth of July Party from Your Garage!


Party season is finally upon us. From graduation parties, to summery neighborhood get-togethers, to hectic family reunions, there are so many excuses to entertain. One of the high points of summer is the Fourth of July, celebrated with barbeques, picnics and fireworks. With all of these events there is one common question: where are we going to put everyone? We have a simple answer; the garage. Utilizing the garage will give your guests more room to roam and help keep everything from feeling cramped.

Make your garage “party central” for the Fourth of July!

If the thought of opening up your garage causes embarrassment because  the neighbors can see all the chaos and clutter, you probably wouldn’t think of using your garage for entertaining.  Imagine, though, how nice it would be to have usable space in the garage to set up tables and chairs so you could have a Fourth of July party where you could keep an eye on the kids playing out front and still enjoy the proximity of food and drink throughout the day. Then when it gets dark, adults can settle into their chairs and kids can stretch out on beach towels in the grass and watch the fireworks without having to “relocate” the party.


Here is how to prep your garage so it is fully functional for all of your warm weather festivities!

  1. Declutter the garage. This step is arguably the most important because without it, how will you fit everyone in your garage? While this task may seem daunting, breaking it down will make it easier to swallow. Take everything out of your garage and then separate all of your items into three piles: keep, donate and trash. When you are finished separating, use the piles accordingly.
  2. Scrub down your floor and walls. The garage has a tendency to get pretty dirty. While everything is out of your garage, go through and wipe down your walls and floor. You might also think about painting your walls and updating your flooring with a coat of Epoxy or Swisstrax tiles. Fresh paint and either of these two flooring options make the garage look a lot nicer, and actually make it easier to clean in the future!
  3. Eliminate garage odors. Garages seem to attract a plethora of undesirable smells. Stick with fresheners such as kitty litter, which will absorb moisture and odors, or baking soda, which will help eliminate smells. Activate charcoal is another great odor absorber.
  4. Consider different lighting options. The standard lighting that comes in every garage is far from the best, which is why other light sources are essential. Grab some bistro lights, lanterns or another complementary light source to enhance the party’s atmosphere.
  5. Store all of your belongings. After you purge what is unneeded in your garage, it is time to store all of your “keep” pile items. Storing these items in lockable cabinets is ideal to keep them safe from harm and sticky fingers. Your guests will be able to move around the garage and you can feel content knowing none of your things will go missing.
  6. Epoxy Your Garage Floor.  Epoxy coatings can promise you a more robust floor that may last for many years. Additionally, it offers flooring surfaces that are chemically resistant and ideal for garages, basements, and warehouses.

The garage doesn’t have to be the room you avoid. Following these simple steps will help get your garage party-ready and be the perfect canvas to hang all of your soiree’s décor. Have fun celebrating!

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Epoxy Flooring Myths

There are many myths associated with floor coatings. Most of them begin as rumors, created by neighbor Joe from down the street. Hasn’t anyone ever told you “don’t believe everything you hear?” We’re going to straighten up some of the untrue statements we hear far too often.


“It’s expensive.”

Sure, it can be, but that all depends on the circumstances.  Our systems only require a onetime application and are backed with a lifetime warranty, making them well worth the money. Just because a nice floor coating looks expensive, it doesn’t mean it was.

“Just paint your floor, it’s the same thing.”

This could not be more wrong. A floor epoxy is not paint. Paint may look good on your walls, but do your walls see the same traffic as a floor might? No, they don’t. Don’t waste your time by attempting to use paint as a floor coating. Our systems create a permanent bond with the substrate, which increases the overall strength of your floor and provides a finish that is chemical and abrasion resistant. The finish can withstand much more wear, therefore it will not peel, lift or flake like paint will. Plus our systems were meant for the floor and are going to look a lot better for a much longer time.

Tying into the last myth, don’t assume that whatever product the big home improvement stores have is right for your project. Do your research. Is it safe to use indoors? How durable is it? Does it fit the needs of my project? These are questions you need to ask yourself before starting your floor coating project. The last thing you want to have happen is find out halfway through your project you need more material or one coat isn’t going to be enough. All of a sudden the budget for your project has increased significantly. We will help guide you in the right direction. From deciding on what system works best for your area all the way through installation, we are here to help you.

“You have to redo it every few years to keep it looking nice.”

As long as you are properly cleaning and maintaining there should be no reason that you have to recoat your floor. Our coatings last several years with proper management, even in heavy traffic areas like a manufacturing warehouse. Just follow the application guidelines correctly and you’ll be able to admire your floor for as long as you own it.

“Just clear the area and start rolling out the coating.”

No, no, no! Obviously you’ll have to clear the area, but the most important step by far is preparing your floor before putting down the floor coating. We cannot stress enough that you put forth the effort to make sure your substrate is mechanically ground and abraded. Any waxy or oily spots will not allow the epoxy to bond with the substrate, which down the road could lead could to lifting and peeling.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring for your Business!


So you’re opening a commercial garage or mechanics shop? Congratulations! Owning your own business is a great feeling and from the get-go you want to do things right. This business is your baby. One decision that’s often overlooked when opening a garage is the flooring, which isn’t that surprising. Sure, your commercial garage could operate with a plain concrete floor, but here are three reasons that you should definitely install an epoxy floor coating in your new business.

Protect Your Investment

Having professionals install an epoxy floor coating into your commercial garage space can protect that concrete floor from many different kinds of damage. The epoxy acts as a shield that will help keep the concrete from chipping when tools are dropped, for example. Additionally, if the foundation shifts slightly and the concrete tries to crack, the epoxy helps to maintain the floor’s integrity.

Keep Things Clean

We all know commercial garages and mechanic spaces regularly have messes all over the floor. From grease and oil to water and grime, cars bring in a lot of debris. In many cases, this gunk can stain a concrete floor. The epoxy coating is easy to clean and stain resistant meaning that very little will stick to these floors.

Reduce Liability

In wetter climates, it’s easy to slip and fall on a wet floor. Concrete gets especially slippery when exposed to water. Professionally installed epoxy floors can have an aggregate mixed into the top coat, leaving the floor with a feeling that’s a little like sandpaper. This results in more traction and less chance of having to address a workers compensation claim because of a fall. Texture can be integrated into the system to create slip resistance.

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