Garage Organization for Your Kid’s Stuff!

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If you have kids, your garage probably looks like every other storage closet in your house a hodge podge of stuff! Our garages store all our kids fun stuff like bikes, scooters, roller skates, basketballs, tennis rackets, football… you see where I am going with this. Before you know it, you have a complete mess on your hands!  Coming up with proper storage and organization can be a tedious task. The worst part is that once you “organize” it just takes a few days to get ‘unorganized’ again- but you can change that by having set places for everything. Instead of just “cleaning” it, you need to “organize it.”

Before you begin, you need to think about your garage. Make a game-plan. Do you have set spaces for things or is everything just wherever it fits, without any rhyme or reason. What do you want for your garage? Storage? A place for your car? A work-shop? In most homes it functions as all of these things. Once you have decided what you want to do with your space, its time to plan it out and get working.

A clean garage looks like this: piles of things, the middle area cleared, stuff pushed to corners & walls.

An organized garage looks like this: A place for everything, surfaces clear, wall space being utilized.

1) Store sports balls using bungee cords. This genius storage solution allows you to easily access your ball collection, and it’s a cinch to put together.

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2) Outdoor Toy Bins 
Outdoor Toy Bins are a great way to organize toys, and are fantastic for the porch. The chalkboard labels are a great design feature, as they look good and can be easily changed. Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.19.04 PM

3) Large Toy Storage Bins
Large Toy Storage Bins are great for really outdoorsy kids who have lots of outdoor equipment and toys.

4) All Access Toy Storage 
This is a great outdoor toy storage option for the not so DIY savvy. It’s great for sports equipment, and is perfect for kids, as they can see what’s in the boxes without opening them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.21.42 PM5Toy Storage Behind Garage Door 
Have some unused space in your garage behind the garage door? Here’s what to do with it — install  shelving units, and kiss your outdoor toy clutter goodbye.

The whole family will benefit from a clean and organized garage.  Concrete Resurfacing Solutions specializes in giving families their dream garages with beautiful epoxy floors.  Now not only is our garage a perfect space for play dates but extra room for birthday parties and special occasions!

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Transform your garage or basement space!

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Are you still trying to find extra space to put a spare bedroom, home office or play area for the kids? Your basement or garage which is only being used for storage right now could be your answer.  Basements and garages are an excellent way to add square footage to your home and utilize area that ordinarily would just sit.  Before you set up the space, look at these tips to see how to transform the space first.  It will save you time and energy before you move the thousands of boxes!

Define what you want the space to become: When transforming your basement or garage into an extra room there are decisions to decide on first. What do you want the space to become? An exercise room or home gym may only need adequate lighting, electrical outlets and ample space to place equipment. While a spare bedroom will need drywall put up over the concrete walls, flooring, lighting and aesthetic touches to make it a livable space that one would enjoy. Plan ahead to save money and time on the back end.

Purge and store:  It will be important to clean out each space to prepare to transform into a living area.  Determine if the items are still needed, or if they were just moved to the basement or garage from your previous house. For the items you are keeping, find a home for them immediately. If they are truly storage items, for example holiday decorations and seasonal items, install an organization system.  This can be shelving, cabinetry, or creative storage solutions that look aesthetically pleasing.

Convert your space: The best part is to transform it into your final space that you envisioned.  Get inspiration from interior magazines and online basement remodels to see what the possibilities can be for your space. Ask home improvement store personnel for help if you plan to do it yourself. If you’re hiring a contractor, explain in detail what you want with pictures if possible. When converting your space, ensure there is proper air and heating supply. Basements tend to stay cold if they are underground, therefore air conditioning may not be needed in some homes.

Epoxy Flooring (A Smart Choice) :  Basement and garage floors that resists moisture are easier to clean and maintain. Epoxy resists moisture better than other substances because it is a topical sealer. The moisture resistant properties are also important for enhancing floor protection. Apart from moisture, epoxy is a highly effective dust resistant, which helps to keep the  space clean with minimal cleaning. The qualities of epoxy makes it easier for cleaning in winter, particular after dust and debris gathers on the floor. A great solution whether the end use of your new transformed space is for a man cave, kids play area or an extra space for entertaining.

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Tips for Spring Cleaning The Garage!


Can you believe it’s almost March?  Spring cleaning is probably on your mind and when most people think cleaning the garage usually comes to mind. The garage is where we toss everything that doesn’t have a place in the house. If you find yourself using your garage as a receptacle, it’s likely that you haven’t resolved all your organizing challenges within the home-and that your garage needs a serious overhaul. Reclaim your garage and restore order with this organizational to-do list.

  1. Set aside enough time to work on the project. Back-to-back days are recommended (like an entire weekend) so that items being sorted don’t have to sit out in piles for long. Tip: Try to plan for a dry weekend, because you’ll have to pull many items out of the shelter of the garage.
  2. Epoxy Your Floor: An epoxy coating is naturally moisture and stain resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for garage floors that experience frequent leaks and spills. It’s highly resistant to deicing slats, water, petrochemical spills, as well as other contaminates. Anything that falls on your epoxy floor can be easily wiped up with soap and water.
  3. Categorize the items in your garage. Typical categories include recycling, sports and recreational equipment, camping gear, automotive, seasonal decor, garden gear and tools. Evaluate things like luggage and paint and see whether you can store them elsewhere. Tip: It’s much easier to tackle a garage after you’ve organized the rest of the house. Once you determine the purpose of your interior storage, many garage items can be relocated.
  4. Group the garage’s contents. Once you know the categories of the items that will live in your garage, begin grouping them into the categories in the driveway or the center of the garage. A few cardboard boxes will help you to group, because everything from huge paint cans to nuts and bolts will eventually need to be contained. Be sure to label the boxes. Tip: Don’t buy containers, bins, baskets and boxes to organize your items just yet. A big mistake is buying containers now and later discovering you don’t have the correct sizes or sturdiness.
  5. Trash or donate items that don’t fit the categories. Sometimes, random parts or items are discovered in the garage and you don’t know what to do with them. If you want to keep them, assign them to the most similar category or put them in a visible place so you remember that you have them. Otherwise, start your donation and trash piles now.
  6. Determine the best garage layout. Decide where you want each type of item to live, considering its frequency of use and the available space. For instance, recycling should live near the entrance to the home, and tools should live near the workbench. Tip: Think about “valuable real estate” when considering available space. Parking space and shelves at eye level or within reach are “valuable real estate.” Less valuable real estate would be very high or low shelves and should be reserved for less frequently used items.
  7. Install built-in cabinets or modular storage if needed. Now that you know what you’re keeping and how much space you have, determine what containers to use. Make the most of vertical space with wall-mounted pegboards and wire grids that hold everything from sports equipment to garden tools. Also take advantage of overhead space with sturdy shelves that mount to the ceiling.
  8. Relocate items to their new homes within the garage.
  9. Set an organizing schedule. Get your quarterly or biannual garage maintenance on your calendar. If it doesn’t make it onto your calendar, it’s less likely to happen. And remember to put things away promptly after using them.

Happy Cleaning!

Helping You Get Your Dream Garage!


At CRS we help home owners make their dream garage a reality!  Here are our tips for achieving your dream garage:

What’s your idea of a dream garage? Is it a large building filled with prized vintage cars? Maybe it simply means an organized space where there’s ample room to park your vehicles.

While everyone’s definition may vary, there’s no question that a redesigned garage adds value to your home. You’ll want your dream garage to be a comfortable space that impresses visitors and that can be accomplished with the proper design.

The garage is an all-too-neglected area of the home often used to store anything deemed unworthy to occupy the rest of the house. The garage doesn’t have to be the sight of unkempt clutter. Why not convert it into a functional, attractive and even fun room?

1. Transform your space with a new garage floor coating

Redoing your floor with a garage floor coating can really transform your space. Durable epoxy coating can turn your dirty old garage floor into a beautiful, smooth surface that sets the foundation for the rest of your dream garage’s design.

Our epoxy garage floor coating is one of the best floor coating available on the market and comes in many colors.  Once your garage floor is finished, you’ll appreciate how much nicer it looks and how incredibly easy it is to maintain.

fb_img_14855580384832. Get your tools organized with garage cabinetry

Installing a high quality garage cabinet system will achieve a couple of the design goals for your dream garage:

  • garage cabinets are the best organization solution for your tools and belongings, keeping everything in its place, easy to find, and dispensing with workbench or countertop clutter
  • the sleek, modern look of a garage cabinet system will add a notable upgrade to your garage’s aesthetics

3. A slatwall storage system reclaims garage floor space

A versatile slatwall storage system can maximize the storage capacity in your dream garage. Slatwall panels and their accessories make effective use of your garage’s underutilized wall space for better organization. Get items like yard tools, extension cords, and bikes on your garage wall and off the floor. That allows you more room to park your vehicles and function better in your garage.

4. Use overhead garage storage racks for bulkier items

Garage cabinets and slatwall storage are a great start towards achieving organizational contentment in your dream garage. Go even further with some of our specialty storage rack solutions for your garage’s bulkier items. Overhead storage racks are ideal for seasonal items like tires, patio furniture, and sports equipment. Just imagine how much garage floor space you could free up by storing these large items up in the air.

5. Gain more parking space in your dream garage with a car lift

Installing a car lift in your dream garage is a smart way to double your garage’s parking space. Car lifts take advantage of your garage’s unused vertical space, allowing vehicles to be stacked on top of one another. They’re a perfect storage solution for your second everyday use vehicle, or for storing that prized classic car during the winter.

6. Upgrade the garage door, your home’s most noticeable feature

It would be counterproductive to invest time and money in making over your dream garage’s interior and then leave its exterior looking less than optimal. Upgrade your garage door to complete your garage’s dazzling transformation.

Garage doors are the most noticeable feature of your house’s exterior, so how it looks matters. Create an inviting space that enhances your home’s curb appeal. There’s a multitude of garage door design options available, ensuring you’ll find a combination that both reflects your tastes and complements your home’s exterior.

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Unique Uses for Your Basement


The home basement offers so many options for types of living spaces.  If you are fortunate enough to have a basement in your home, give it a purpose.  Transform this space into an area that best serves your needs and lifestyle.  Turn this dark, lonely spot into an entertainment room, a home theater, or anything you may desire.  Here are some creative uses for the basement to give you inspiration.

Basement Bar: Spark up the libations and entertain friends and family with a basement bar.  Start with a cabinet, cubbies or other storage for bottles, a place for glassware and a sink.  Add on a beautiful wood bar with a hard surface countertop and surround this with stylish bar stools.
Wine Room: For the sommelier or wine enthusiast, a well-stocked wine room is suited for the basement.  Install a network of shelving for bottle storage and provide a space for relaxing while enjoying a glass.

Library: Who doesn’t like a calm and quiet place to read a book?  The basement is a great spot for a library.  Expand your collection of books or house your existing inventory on stylish shelves.

Home Theater: A home theater is on many wish lists for homeowners.  The basement provides the perfect setting for this entertainment space.  Go all out with leather theater seating and a wide screen television or simply arrange comfortable seating, such as a sectional sofa, around the television.

Pool / Game Room:  When most people think of the basement room, they call to mind a game room, complete with pool table.  The basement is certainly a great space for this, allowing plenty of room for a pool table.  Rack ’em up and enjoy the games!

No matter how you chose to spruce up your basement you going to want to protect your floors. Home renovations can be a huge undertaking. Finishing your basement is one of the most rewarding, cost-effective renovations you can accomplish, and one that’s likely to net you a good return on your investment. Adding a epoxy concrete floor to your project is certain to leave you satisfied with its quality and looks, while helping keep the renovation under budget.

How Long do Epoxy Floors Last?


One of the most popular and, possibly smartest, home improvement applications of past 20 years or so has been epoxy flooring.  Epoxy preserves your concrete floor, prevents slip and fall accidents, keeps your garage, basement, patio, sunroom, or wherever you decide to install it, clean and looking good.  But not all epoxy floor coatings are the same, and many homeowners find this out too late, regrettably, ending up with cracked coating, blistering, flaking and shrinkage.

Extend Your Floor’s Life With Professional Epoxy Installation

When you opt for epoxy floor coating that’s a DIY project, or sounds too good to be true, you can expect to replace your floor coating, and correct any damages to your concrete, within 2-10 years of application.  That’s not a very good return on your investment and, frankly, a waste of your time and effort. Our coatings are specially selected to bond to your concrete, creating a barrier that’s as impervious to threats as it is beautifully complimented to your lifestyle.

Concrete Resurfacing Solutions is an industry leader in resin floor coating installation for your concrete floors.

Professional floor coatings should last decades and protect your precious concrete. Most epoxies come in a variety of colors and styles; you can even custom coat your floor with a personal touch. If you’re looking for an Epoxy Floor Coating Solution for your Garage, just ask us about it.

There’s Still Time to Refinish Your Basement Floor!


The year is almost over and you still haven’t had your basement finished!  Don’t delay make this the year that the basement gets finished.  There are so many options for flooring to consider so keep in mind the benefits of a concrete epoxy floor!

1) CONCRETE EPOXY FLOOR COATINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL                          With concrete epoxy floor coatings, beauty is not skin deep, the advantages go well beyond the fact that they look marvelous. Before we dive into some of the advantages of concrete epoxy floor coatings and solutions, let us take a look at some of the highlighted epoxy floors around the country.

The application of the epoxy includes various steps one of which is the mixing of color chips. The flexibility of epoxy is that you get to select the tint of the epoxy, your color chip preference and the extent of  non-skid protection. Non-skid is very important and different solutions are required in different environments (i.e. presence of water, moisture, gas, etc.)

Epoxy floor coating are universally recognized as a tough and durable finish. Various levels of durability are available, i.e. solvent-based industrial-grade versions. Xtreme Flooring and any reputable concrete epoxy flooring contractors will work with you to determine the exact type and grade of epoxy floor coating to use.

Versatility is one aspect of concrete epoxy coatings that is commonly misunderstood. Epoxy is a great solution for home, office, workshop and industrial environments. It is obviously recommended that when speaking with a flooring professional that you clearly communicate your flooring needs so the professional can suggest the most appropriate product for your needs.

Epoxy flooring are great solutions to protect and prolong the life of concrete and steel. Epoxy polymers provide a barrier to elements that will stand the test of time, in the long run helping save large sums of money on foundation maintenance and replacement costs.