Most likely, you visit your garage every day. Most likely, your neighbors, friends and family also visit your garage as they enter your home. The garage, for obvious reasons, unfortunately becomes neglected until it is such an abyss that it is too far gone to be saved. Additionally-the garage floor, where items designated for the garage sale you have been meaning to have for the last three years, is rapidly deteriorating each year. The following provides some common fallacies that may provide you motivation to address the most neglected area in most homes – the garage and more specifically, the flooring in the garage.

“It Doesn’t Last”: Until only a few years ago, most homeowners either hired a local painter to install a garage floor coating or went to the local DIY store and attempted to install flooring themselves. Improper preparation (muratic acid, pressure washers, or no prep at all) is the cause for this mistaken belief. Most homeowners see neighbors floors that they attempted to install themselves, do not make this mistake. Opt for a professional epoxy installer the pros use techniques and products that have been proven to last 20+ years with no peeling or cracking.

“Garages are not meant to be cosmetically appealing”: The look and feel of epoxy is one that brings the normally boring, dark, and drab garage area into an entirely new light. Epoxy will feel different to the foot and also provide the warmer & more welcoming feeling. Kids will gravitate to the garage to play and adults will frequent the rooms more often due to the clean, finished, and bright appearance. Designer colors are available to provide a plethora of choices to match a homeowner’s needs. Contrasting wall colors   can even accent the floor’s impact on the overall beauty of a basement or garage setting to allow for a beautiful room to emerge out of what was previously an area of embarrasment to most homeowners.


“Epoxy is too slippery”: Especially in garages, traction is a higher priority for most people knowing there is moisture often present after rain & snow. The functionality of the polymer flake (that appears to look like Granite) used in epoxy coating systems is key. The texture created by the layering of these chips provides an orange-peel like surface that allows for sufficient friction from shoes, bare feet, and even tires to allow much more slip-resistance than bare concrete.

“It’s too expensive”: Whether you have a garage that is brand new, starting to deteriorate, or is has conditions as severe as the concrete cracking from rebar heaving, the traffic and stress that a garage sees on a daily basis is worse than any other area of the home, with exception of the home’s roof. The garage will deteriorate and if not protected, will need to be completely torn out which will ultimately cost $10-15/square foot and be unusable for up to 30 days or more. Tile & carpet are rare in garages, but also cost 2-3X what epoxy will cost to protect the floor or replace it entirely. Investing in a coating to protect one of the most abused areas of the home will result in “real” benefits to the longevity of the home. A professionally installed, epoxy coating system also translates into more “real” square footage in a home that is actual living space….and as you can guess – more livable space ultimately translates into better resale and home value.

“It takes too much work”: Getting rid of your excess is easy via donations and a purge is always liberating. Even if you have tangible garage contents that you do want to keep, there are easy turn-key methods to have your garage transformed in days. Temporary storage container can be placed steps from your garage and are available from various company’s at a nominal fee, which allows you up to 30 days to clean-out your garage and then replace contents being kept back into your garage space.  Investing in an area that can be up to 15% of a home’s total square footage, protects it from dirt and grime and tranransforms the primary entry point into the home is a wise upgrade for today’s discrminating homeowner.

Don’t procrastinate through another year allowing your home’s value to decrease based on the poor condition of your garage.  Acknowleding your garage’s poor condition will provide you a large, tangible area of your home that will instead appreciate over time & will feel make you proud to habitate….and that is no illusion. Concrete Resurfacing Solutions is here to help you choose the correct solution for your concrete resurfacing needs!


Transform your garage or basement space!

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Are you still trying to find extra space to put a spare bedroom, home office or play area for the kids? Your basement or garage which is only being used for storage right now could be your answer.  Basements and garages are an excellent way to add square footage to your home and utilize area that ordinarily would just sit.  Before you set up the space, look at these tips to see how to transform the space first.  It will save you time and energy before you move the thousands of boxes!

Define what you want the space to become: When transforming your basement or garage into an extra room there are decisions to decide on first. What do you want the space to become? An exercise room or home gym may only need adequate lighting, electrical outlets and ample space to place equipment. While a spare bedroom will need drywall put up over the concrete walls, flooring, lighting and aesthetic touches to make it a livable space that one would enjoy. Plan ahead to save money and time on the back end.

Purge and store:  It will be important to clean out each space to prepare to transform into a living area.  Determine if the items are still needed, or if they were just moved to the basement or garage from your previous house. For the items you are keeping, find a home for them immediately. If they are truly storage items, for example holiday decorations and seasonal items, install an organization system.  This can be shelving, cabinetry, or creative storage solutions that look aesthetically pleasing.

Convert your space: The best part is to transform it into your final space that you envisioned.  Get inspiration from interior magazines and online basement remodels to see what the possibilities can be for your space. Ask home improvement store personnel for help if you plan to do it yourself. If you’re hiring a contractor, explain in detail what you want with pictures if possible. When converting your space, ensure there is proper air and heating supply. Basements tend to stay cold if they are underground, therefore air conditioning may not be needed in some homes.

Epoxy Flooring (A Smart Choice) :  Basement and garage floors that resists moisture are easier to clean and maintain. Epoxy resists moisture better than other substances because it is a topical sealer. The moisture resistant properties are also important for enhancing floor protection. Apart from moisture, epoxy is a highly effective dust resistant, which helps to keep the  space clean with minimal cleaning. The qualities of epoxy makes it easier for cleaning in winter, particular after dust and debris gathers on the floor. A great solution whether the end use of your new transformed space is for a man cave, kids play area or an extra space for entertaining.

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Unique Uses for Your Basement


The home basement offers so many options for types of living spaces.  If you are fortunate enough to have a basement in your home, give it a purpose.  Transform this space into an area that best serves your needs and lifestyle.  Turn this dark, lonely spot into an entertainment room, a home theater, or anything you may desire.  Here are some creative uses for the basement to give you inspiration.

Basement Bar: Spark up the libations and entertain friends and family with a basement bar.  Start with a cabinet, cubbies or other storage for bottles, a place for glassware and a sink.  Add on a beautiful wood bar with a hard surface countertop and surround this with stylish bar stools.
Wine Room: For the sommelier or wine enthusiast, a well-stocked wine room is suited for the basement.  Install a network of shelving for bottle storage and provide a space for relaxing while enjoying a glass.

Library: Who doesn’t like a calm and quiet place to read a book?  The basement is a great spot for a library.  Expand your collection of books or house your existing inventory on stylish shelves.

Home Theater: A home theater is on many wish lists for homeowners.  The basement provides the perfect setting for this entertainment space.  Go all out with leather theater seating and a wide screen television or simply arrange comfortable seating, such as a sectional sofa, around the television.

Pool / Game Room:  When most people think of the basement room, they call to mind a game room, complete with pool table.  The basement is certainly a great space for this, allowing plenty of room for a pool table.  Rack ’em up and enjoy the games!

No matter how you chose to spruce up your basement you going to want to protect your floors. Home renovations can be a huge undertaking. Finishing your basement is one of the most rewarding, cost-effective renovations you can accomplish, and one that’s likely to net you a good return on your investment. Adding a epoxy concrete floor to your project is certain to leave you satisfied with its quality and looks, while helping keep the renovation under budget.

How Long do Epoxy Floors Last?


One of the most popular and, possibly smartest, home improvement applications of past 20 years or so has been epoxy flooring.  Epoxy preserves your concrete floor, prevents slip and fall accidents, keeps your garage, basement, patio, sunroom, or wherever you decide to install it, clean and looking good.  But not all epoxy floor coatings are the same, and many homeowners find this out too late, regrettably, ending up with cracked coating, blistering, flaking and shrinkage.

Extend Your Floor’s Life With Professional Epoxy Installation

When you opt for epoxy floor coating that’s a DIY project, or sounds too good to be true, you can expect to replace your floor coating, and correct any damages to your concrete, within 2-10 years of application.  That’s not a very good return on your investment and, frankly, a waste of your time and effort. Our coatings are specially selected to bond to your concrete, creating a barrier that’s as impervious to threats as it is beautifully complimented to your lifestyle.

Concrete Resurfacing Solutions is an industry leader in resin floor coating installation for your concrete floors.

Professional floor coatings should last decades and protect your precious concrete. Most epoxies come in a variety of colors and styles; you can even custom coat your floor with a personal touch. If you’re looking for an Epoxy Floor Coating Solution for your Garage, just ask us about it.

There’s Still Time to Refinish Your Basement Floor!


The year is almost over and you still haven’t had your basement finished!  Don’t delay make this the year that the basement gets finished.  There are so many options for flooring to consider so keep in mind the benefits of a concrete epoxy floor!

1) CONCRETE EPOXY FLOOR COATINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL                          With concrete epoxy floor coatings, beauty is not skin deep, the advantages go well beyond the fact that they look marvelous. Before we dive into some of the advantages of concrete epoxy floor coatings and solutions, let us take a look at some of the highlighted epoxy floors around the country.

The application of the epoxy includes various steps one of which is the mixing of color chips. The flexibility of epoxy is that you get to select the tint of the epoxy, your color chip preference and the extent of  non-skid protection. Non-skid is very important and different solutions are required in different environments (i.e. presence of water, moisture, gas, etc.)

Epoxy floor coating are universally recognized as a tough and durable finish. Various levels of durability are available, i.e. solvent-based industrial-grade versions. Xtreme Flooring and any reputable concrete epoxy flooring contractors will work with you to determine the exact type and grade of epoxy floor coating to use.

Versatility is one aspect of concrete epoxy coatings that is commonly misunderstood. Epoxy is a great solution for home, office, workshop and industrial environments. It is obviously recommended that when speaking with a flooring professional that you clearly communicate your flooring needs so the professional can suggest the most appropriate product for your needs.

Epoxy flooring are great solutions to protect and prolong the life of concrete and steel. Epoxy polymers provide a barrier to elements that will stand the test of time, in the long run helping save large sums of money on foundation maintenance and replacement costs.

The Holidays Are Approaching, Get Your Basement Ready!


The holidays are fast approaching which means getting the house ready for family and parties.  As you consider holiday readiness, setting up your home becomes a priority. This may entail renting additional seating, placing a catering order, or preparing to showcase your home in its best light for family and friends.   One of the best ways to get your house in shape for the holidays is to invest in flooring that will also withstand the traffic of the season.

Whether it’s an existing unsightly surface or a brand new installation, all concrete flooring will benefit from the application of a quality epoxy floor coating. There are several advantages of epoxy flooring. It is attractive, easy to maintain, and will enhance the value of any home or building.

While a bare concrete floor can withstand tremendous weight and pressure, it is relatively porous and susceptible to significant damage when left untreated. If exposed to regular foot traffic or the demands of a commercial environment, concrete will readily absorb dirt, chemicals, oils and other debris. This often results in stains, cracks and abrasions that can make the floor impossible to clean and unattractive in appearance.

In contrast, a simple application of a quality coating to a floor will provide a glossy finish while protecting the entire surface. Epoxy is not only resistant to stains and spills, but it also provides a secure barrier against moisture penetration. Sealing with epoxy deprives mold, fungi and other biological agents of the nutrients they need to grow.

A coating can be applied directly to the concrete floor of any enclosed area. When mixed together, the two-part system produces a polymer-based material that is much more durable than a traditional latex or enamel paint at the molecular level. As a result, it is not only appropriate for decorative applications but will withstand the punishment that occurs in basements, from pets, children or holiday parties!  Years of sustained use have proven the effectiveness and durability of epoxy as a premium protective floor coating in nearly any environment.

In addition to sealing, beautifying, and protecting, an epoxy floor coating can also serve as a filler for small cracks and separations in the concrete. It can also be applied to smooth out rough or uneven spots on the surface of the floor. Another added benefit to epoxy is its high reflectivity properties. In low light areas, an application will provide a high-gloss finish that can help improve lighting dynamics by up to 200-400%.

Epoxy coatings offer substantial benefits when compared to untreated concrete or other floor covering systems. When planning an epoxy floor coating installation, it is important to remember that using a trained professional will ensure the look and quality that you desire.

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Is Your Garage Floor Scary?

Are your concrete surfaces looking old, worn or dirty?


Whether you have concrete surfaces indoors or outdoors that are in need of refreshing, the look of dull concrete can affect the overall aesthetics of any home and irritate homeowners to no end. Here’s a quick guide that will fill you in on all the benefits of concrete resurfacing:

Here are 5 benefits of having garage floor coatings:

1. Aesthetics
The garage will be finished with a beautiful, practical design. Finishes are available in various flake combinations and colors that provide an attractive finish that can be customized to taste.

2. Durability
Floors will stay looking new for years. Our coatings have 100% UV protection and they provide a durable concrete surface coating that won’t wear through or peel. These coatings are actually bonded to the concrete instead of a surface coating that rests above the concrete.

3. Maintainable
Floors are easy to clean with a hose or mop, which will prevent dust and dirt from tracking inside. CRS floor coatings are non-porous, so dirt, road sand/salt, food, gas, and oil will not saturate or stain the coating.

4. Usable Space
Our floor coating systems transform your cold, grab, grey garage into a warm and inviting space. Use it as another room in the home. If you’re having a get together, use the garage as a staging area to keep food and guests out of the sun and elements while having a wide open space to the outside.

5. Resistance
Our system includes a topcoat that has a high resistance to impact, abrasion and extreme temperature. Floors can be installed down to freezing temperatures and can also handle hot tires.

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